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quit smoking / arrÍter le fumer / acabar de fumar / verzichten auf Rauchen

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This site informs you about smoking, its health risks and about professional help to quit smoking.

There is a lot of evidence about the bad effects of both active and passive smoking on human health. Smoking increases the risk of heart- and circulatory diseases, lung- and other types of cancer, chronic pulmonary diseases and many more ailments. It also diminishes fertility in both men and women. Smoking during pregnancy yields serious risks for the fetus. Children of smoking parents have greater risk to several diseases including airway-infections and inflammation of the inner ear, compared with children of non-smoking parents.

The smoking of so-called 'light' cigarettes tends to increase the risks of the above diseases as well. As due to the lower concentration of nicotine, the smoker tends to inhale deeper and to keep the smoke longer in the lungs.

In the Netherlands every day 80 people die as a result of the ill effects of active smoking. Each week 4 persons die from lung cancer as a result of only passive smoking. Finally 50% of all smokers will die as a result of his/her smoking.

Quitting the smoking habit always yields positive effect, no matter how long one has smoked. Moreover, the earlier one stops, the less the health risk.

An attempt to quit smoking will be most effective if you're well prepared. First of all be convinced of the decision to quit. Review of your motives for quitting is very useful, as well as review of your smoking habit, since it will make clear what your pitfalls are. In case of an earlier unsuccessful attempt it's very important to know what went wrong, in order to avoid the same mistake or pitfall. Stay away from that very first cigarette after you've stopped smoking. Partnering with someone who has also stopped smoking will leverage your efforts as you will provide support to eachother. Quit smoking is working hard. It may be helpful to agree on a reward after quitting. For example: a lunch after you have stopped smoking for 1 month, then a nice shirt after you've stopped for 2 months. Additionally, the first big reward is the money saved by not smoking.

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It will be difficult to keep away from tobacco, since smoking is a real addiction. Many people seek for professional support when they stop smoking.

Mr. Korthout M.D. gives such professional support by means of modern acupuncture treatment and EFT in addition to counselling.
Auricular medicine (or ear acupuncture) offers several techniques that are effective in supporting people who quit the smoking addiction. In one technique 11 needles are applied to the ear, for a few minutes. In a second technique no more than 3 semi-permanent needles are applied to each ear. These remain in the ear for a few days or weeks until they come out by themselves. The inconvenience of the needling in both techniques appears to be no issue for most patients. In a third technique laser is applied to the ear. This technique is completely harmless.
The EFT is a technique by means of a very easy exercise which can be performed by one himself if it is needed to combat the desire of smoking.
All above treatments regulate the desire for nicotine, reduce the symptoms of abstinence and induce a more relaxed state of mind and body. If the technique chosen does not yield enough effect, application of another technique is an option. Usually a second treatment will follow the first one after a period of 4 weeks. Most people who stop smoking have 1-3 treatments.

It's important to realise that the above mentioned treatment is in support of your the effort of quit smoking. To stop smoking is an action of the (ex-)smoker himself. And acupuncture is no magic. Good preparation, motivation, and personal endurance remain the important factors.

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